Does Your Teen Need Help?

ParentThe feeling of relatability is powerful in counseling. Looking young has its benefits. Teens tend to feel safe and comfortable talking to us. We are here to provide guidance to your teens in a way that will help set them up to lead effective, happy lives. We work to include parents as much as possible, but also respect your teen’s needs for privacy. We work to make sure your teen is safe and moving forward in life. By choosing us, your teen will be in good hands. We are well established in the community and have a good reputation among our peers and other professionals in the community.

“If you are looking for a therapist that specializes in work with adolescents, Shawn is your guy.”

Offering afternoon and evening appointments for clients needing to come in after work or school, Shawn is available weekdays from 1:00pm – 9:00pm.

Shawn specializes in common teen struggles such as follows:


-Social Anxiety

-Sexual Health

-Social media dependence



-Substance abuse


-General anxiety

-Performance anxiety



-Family/Blended family dynamics